French forces in Germany had regular military registration, but on a red background, often with an additional FFA. An E or an S (Services) may precede the serial number, often starting with 998. Since about 2005, the E (Economats) vehicles have a 00-1234 format, either in silver on blue, or white on black background. Such plates have been seen on SFOR vehicles. 



Private vehicules of military forces in Berlin had a distinctive FZ (Französische Zone) followed with a  4 digit serial number. Just after 1954, they were on a green background (CW) or had GMB (Gouvernement militaire de Berlin) on a black background.
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German Forces in France, and former NATO forces in France.


Private vehicules for troops located in other regions than Berlin have blue plates, in which the second digit represents :
1= Baden-Baden, 2=Freiburg, 3=Landau-Pfalz, 4=Trier, 5=Villingen-Constance, 6=former-Tübingen (end in 1977), 7=Reutlingen. In July 1999, most of french troops left Germany, but in several places (1, 4 and 5) Eurocorps french-german troops replaced them and still use these blue plates.