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In just 4 steps, 

how to 
find the  pictures
you need

1 - Click to select a continent

2 - ... then a country
3 - In each country, pictures are sorted by type :
Historical, Large view, Specific Regions if any, then a1, a2, ... for current types to p1, p2 for former types using the RPWO classification standards :

4 - After selecting the type and sometime a sub-type, you access the plate picture, that displays in a new window :

The file name may provide details about each plate : Country_Year_Description_Photo-credit.jpg
The online dimension of the plate picture is 400 pixels wide and 800 pixels wide for Large views, unless you get original files..
Options : Find the country in the alphabetical list....  
... or in the list for each continent (articles included)


Before travelling in a new country, save as a pdf file the multiples pages of the Francoplaque website dedicated to this country, in order to read them offline
: use the Adobe Acrobat function "Create a pdf file from a web page" or "Shift+Ctrl+O" and then choose 2 levels.


© Copyright (since 1998) : Check the last letters of each Photo file name, for the Pictures or Plates owner : JE = Jean-Emmanuel Chevry - UDN=Ulrick de Neve - VB=Vic Brumby - VM=Vincent Moens - BV=Bruno Vernhes - VI=Vincent Isambert - YL=Yves Laussucq - TB=Thierry Baudin - XH=Xavier Hadjadj - LF=Louis Fierens - YG=Yves Gross - PJ=Piotr Jocek - GL=Grzegorz Labe - AS=Alex Samoylov - GP=Gabor Passa - JP=Jean-Guy Penchenat - MB=Michele Berionne - MK=Maik Knoll - SC=Stephen Cioffi - AB= Alfonso Baca - BL = Bernt Larsson - PK=Patrick Krüger - JF Jan Fisher - JG=Jim Gordon - CS= Cedric Sabine - BB=Bob Bittner - EB : Pictures also come from, the famous auction site.
Thanks to Dr Roy Klotz for authorizing the publication of some of his plates, also published in the
ALPCA archives.
Thanks to John Weeks, Antonio Barragan, ...from Europlate for their cooperation and RPW reference, we advise you to subscribe to Europlate, in order to read excellent and up-to-date articles.
You should  also visit the Plates Portal for world plates pictures, and in the real world,

Visit real museums dedicated to plates.