To Homepage        License Plate Files for your Palm Pilot !


If you own a Palm Pilot or an equivalent PDA, just download a few plate database on it, such as diplomat codes in France, history of french registration since 1950, Italy, Spain, Mexico .. codes,   significance of International ovals ...  Francoplaque has already converted a dozen of files for you !!
 These files for Palm Pilots use the PDB format, a database for
 pour Palm OS, provided with MobileDB lite , by

 If you have another kind of PDA (such as Psion, ...) 
 these files use the CSV native fomat  (comma separated) 
 and you can then convert them to the correct format.

If you already have Excel (20 columns maximum, 50 caracters per field, no comma), just send them to us and we will convert them to CSV files and PDB files. Thanks in advance !