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The information in italic has to be confirmed, the rest comes mainly from RPW3 or international organisations sources.

Country OVAL

Used between :

or since : ISO 2/3
Laos LAO   59- LA/LAO
Latvia LV   91- LV/LVA
Latvia LR 27-40 now LV    
Lebanon RL   52- LB/LBN
Lebanon - Syria and Alaouites, now split LSA 29-31 now RL+SYR    
Lebanon (unofficial Oval list) LIB      
Lesotho LS   67- LS/LSO
Liberia LB   67- LR/LBR
Liberia (unofficial Oval seen in 96, USA + Liberian plate) RL      
Libya LAR   72- LY/LBY
Libya (reported Oval in Europlate) LAJ      
Libya (unofficial oval seen in France, 3 arabic characters) in arabic      
Libya Benghazi, now in Libya (unofficial Oval list) LB now in LAR    
Libya Fezzan, now in Libya (unofficial Oval list) LF now in LAR    
Libya Tripoli, now in Libya (RPW3 p353) LT 60-71 now in LAR    
Liechtenstein FL   23- LI/LIE
Lithuania LT 24-50 and then since : 91- LT/LTU
Luxembourg L   11- LU/LUX
Macao       MO/MAC
Macedonia MK   93- MK/MKD
Madagascar RM   62- MG/MDG
Malawi MW   65- MW/MWI
Malawi (unofficial Oval list) ML now MW    
Malaysia MAL   67- MY/MYS
Malaysia (also PMT on unofficial Oval list : error ?) PTM 58-67 now MAL    
Maldives       MV/MDV
Mali RMM   62- ML/MLI
Malta M   66- MT/MLT
Malta GBY 24-66 now M    
Malta (unofficial Oval list) MAL      
Marshall Islands       MH/MHL
Martinique       MQ/MTQ
Mauritania RIM   64- MR/MRT
Mauritius MS   38- MU/MUS
Mayotte       YT/MYT
Mexico MEX   52- MX/MEX
Micronesia, Federated States of       FM/FSM
Midway Islands - NorthPacific       MI/MID reserved
Moldova MD   93- MD/MDA
Moldova (RPW3 p391) MLD 92 now MD    
Monaco MC   10- MC/MCO
Mongolia (reported Oval in Europlate) MNG   2003?- MN/MNG
Mongolia (reported Oval in Europlate) MGL  96?-2003? MN/MNG
Montenegro, now in Serbia Montenegro MN 13-18 now in SCG    
Montserrat       MS/MSR
Morocco MA   24- MA/MAR
Mozambique MOC 32-56, and then since : 75- MZ/MOZ
Myanmar, former Burma BUR   56- MM/MMR
Namibia NAM   93- NA/NAM
Nauru NAU   68- NR/NRU
Navassa Islands, Caribbean       NV
Nepal NEP   70- NP/NPL
Netherlands NL   10- NL/NLD
Netherlands Antilles NA   57- AN/ANT
Netherlands Antilles IN 30-49 now NA    
Netherlands New Guinea - West Irian, now Indonesia NGN 35-63 now RI    
Neutral Zone, now in Saudi Arabia / Iraq   now in SA / IRQ   NT/NTZ reserved
New Caledonia       NC/NCL
New Zealand NZ   58- NZ/NZL
Newfoundland, now in Canada (RPW3 p120) NF 38-49 now in CDN    
Nicaragua NIC   52- NI/NIC
Nicaragua (unofficial Oval list) NC      
Niger RN   end 70s- NE/NER
Niger NIG 61-80 now RN    
Nigeria NGR   92- NG/NGA
Nigeria WAN 37-92 now NGR    
Niue       NU/NIU
Norfolk Islands       NF/NFK
North Borneo (unofficial Oval list) NB      
North Borneo Colony - Sabah, now in Malaysia CNB 55-63 now in MAL    
North Korea, DPR       KP/PRK
North Yemen, now in Yemen YMN now in YAR    
Northern Marianas Islands       MP/MNP
Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia NR 38-60 now Z    
Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia RNR 60-66 now Z    
Norway N   22- NO/NOR
Nyasaland, now Malawi NP 38-60 now MW    
Nyasaland, now Malawi RNY 60-65 now MW    
Oman       OM/OMN
Pakistan PK   90s- PK/PAK
Pakistan PAK 47-90s now PK    
Palau       PW/PLW
Palestine Mandate, now Israel M 30-48 now IL    
Panama PA   52- PA/PAN
Papua New Guinea PNG   end 70s- PG/PNG
Paracel Islands - China sea       PI
Paraguay PY   52- PY/PRY
Perlis, now in Malasia PS 33-48 now in MAL    
Persia, now Iran PR 33-56 now IR    
Peru PE   37- PE/PER
Philippines RP   75- PH/PHL
Philippines PI 52- end 70s now RP    
Pitcairn Islands - Central Pacific       PN/PCN
Poland PL   21- PL/POL
Portugal, incuding Madeira, Azore P   12- PT/PRT
Puerto Rico (unofficial Oval seen in USA) PR     PR/PRI
Qatar Q   72- QA/QAT
Qatar (unofficial Oval list) QA      
Queen Maud Land, Norwegian Antarctica       NQ/ATN reserved
Reunion       RE/REU
Romania RM 12-30 now RO    
Romania R 30-81 now RO    
Romania RO   81- RO/ROM
Ruanda-Urundi, now split RU 59-64 now RWA-RU    
Russia R 10-26 now RUS    
Russia (unofficial Oval seen in France, with flag) R # S      
Russian Federation RUS   92- RU/RUS
Rwanda RWA   64- RWRWA
Rwanda (unofficial Oval list & reported) RW