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The information in italic has to be confirmed, the rest comes mainly from RPW3 or international organisations sources.

Country OVAL

Used between :

or since : ISO 2/3
East Africa - Nyasaland, now Malawi (RPW3 p366) EAN 38-64 now MW    
East Germany, now in Germany DDR 74-90 now in D   DD/DDR reserved
East Timor       TP/TMP
Ecuador EQ 52-62 now EC    
Ecuador EC   62- EC/ECU
Egypt ET   27- EG/EGY
Egypt (Arab Republic of ) (unofficial Oval seen in France) ARE      
El Salvador ES   end 70s- SV/SLV
Equatorial Guinea       GQ/GNQ
Eritrea       ER/ERI
Estonia EW 30-40, 91-92 now EST    
Estonia EST   93- EE/EST
Ethiopia ETH   64- ET/ETH
Falkland Islands       FK/FLK
Faroe Islands FR 76-96 ? Now FO    
Faroe Islands (RPW3 p203 & oval seen (O with a slash)) FO   96?- FO/FRO
Federate Malay States, now Malaysia FM 32-58 now MAL    
Fiji FJI   71- FJ/FJI
Fiji (unofficial Oval list) FDI      
Finland FIN   93- FI/FIN
Finland SF 21-93 now FIN    
France F   10- FR/FRA
France (Metropolitan ..)       FX/FXX see FR/FRA
French Guiana       GF/GUF
French India, now in India FIF 25-30 now in IND    
French Morocco, now in Morocco MA 23-30 now in MA    
French Polynesia       PF/PYF
French Southern Antarctic Territories FSAT       FQ/ATF reserved
French Southern Antarctic Territories FSAT       TF/ATF
French Territory of Afars and Issas, now Djibouti (unofficial square sign in France, 70's ) TFAI now RDD ?    
French Trustee of Cameroon, now Cameroon (RPW3 p109) TC 32-52 now CAM    
Gabon G   74- GA/GAB
Gambia WAG   32- GM/GMB
Gambia (unofficial Oval list, error ?) VAWAG      
Georgia GE   93- GE/GEO
Georgia GEO 93 now GE    
Germany D   10- DE/DEU
Germany (unofficial Oval seen in Europe in 90) BRD      
Ghana GH   59- GH/GHA
Gibraltar GBZ   24- GI/GIB
Gold Coast, now Ghana WAC 32-59 now GH    
Greece GR   13- GR/GRC
Greenland (RPW3 p784 "Kalaalit Nunnat"), in Denmark KN     GL/GRL
Grenada WG   32- GD/GRD
Guadeloupe       GP/GLP
Guam       GU/GUM
Guatemala GCA   56- GT/GTM
Guatemala G 52-56 now GCA    
Guernsey GBG   24- GG
Guinea RG   begin. 70s- GN/GIN
Guinea-Bissau       GW/GNB
Guyana GUY   72- GY/GUY
Haiti RH   52- HT/HTI
Heard and McDonald Islands, South Indian Ocean       HM/HMD
Honduras (unofficial Oval list) HON     HN/HND
Hong Kong HK   32- HK/HKG
Hungary H   10- HU/HUN
Iceland IS   36- IS/ISL
India IND   47- IN/IND
Indonesia RI   55- ID/IDN
Indonesia IN 49-55 now RI    
International Administration Rhineland, now in Germany (RPW3 p216) IAR 38-64 now in D    
Iran IR   36- IR/IRN
Iraq IRQ   30- IQ/IRQ
Ireland SE 24-38 now IRL    
Ireland EIR 38-62 now IRL    
Ireland IRL   62- IE/IRL
Ireland (unofficial Oval seen in Ireland (black/red)) EIRE      
Isle of Man GBM   32- IM
Israel IL   52- IL/ISR
Italy I   10- IT/ITA
Jamaica JA   32- JM/JAM
Japan J   64- JP/JPN
Jersey GBJ   24- JY
Johnston Island, Central Pacific       JT/JTN reserved
Johore, now in Malaysia JO 32-48 now in MAL    
Jordan JOR 55-66 now HKJ    
Jordan (Hachemite Kingdom of ..) HKJ   66- JO/JOR
Katanga, now in Democratic Republic of Congo KAT 60-62 now in ZRE    
Kazakstan KZ   96?- KZ/KAZ
Kedah, now in Malaysia KD 32-48 now in MAL    
Kelantan, now in Malaysia KL 32-48 now in MAL    
Kenya EAK   38- KE/KEN
Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, now split SHS 26-36 now YU+HR+SLO    
Kiribati       KI/KIR
Kuwait KWT   54- KW/KWT
Kuwait (Oval also seen in the 90's, Paris) KT 50s now KWT    
Kyrgyzstan KS   96?- KG/KGZ