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The information in italic has to be confirmed, the rest comes mainly from RPW3 or international organisations sources.

Country OVAL

Used between :

or since : ISO 2/3
Afghanistan AFG   71- AF/AFG
Albania AL   34- AL/ALB
Alderney (1 Oval, No ISO) GBA   24-  
Algeria DZ   63- DZ/DZA
American minor outlying Islands       UM reserved
American Pacific Islands : Baker, Jarvis, Howland, Palmyra       PU/PUS reserved
American Samoa       AS/ASM
American Virgin Islands       VI/VIR
Andorra AND   57- AD/AND
Angola PAN 32-56 now ? ? AO/AGO
Anguilla       AI/AIA
Antartica       AQ/ATA
Antigua and Barbuda (unofficial Oval with flag seen in London, in the 80's) ANU     AG/ATG
Argentina RA   27- AR/ARG
Armenia       AM/ARM
Armenia (unofficial Oval seen in France, 3 armenian characters) armenian      
Aruba (RPW3 p34) AUA     AW/ABW
Ascension       AC
Australia AUS   54- AU/AUS
Australia (unofficial Oval seen in France) AUST      
Austria A   10- AT/AUT
Azerbaijan AZ   93- AZ/AZE
Bahamas BS   50- BS/BHS
Bahrain BRN   54- BH/BHR
Bangladesh BD   78- BD/BGD
Barbados BDS   56- BB/BRB
Basutoland, now Lesotho BL 35-67 now LS    
Bechuanaland Protectorate, now Botswana BP 35-67 now RB    
Belarus BY   92- BY/BLR
Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, now split CB 31-61 now ZRE+RWA+RU    
Belgium B   10- BE/BEL
Belize BZ   90- BZ/BLZ
Benin (reported Oval) RPB end 70s now DY    
Benin (unofficial Oval list) BN      
Benin, former Dahomey DY 61-76 and then since : 90s? BJ/BEN
Bermuda       BM/BMU
Bhutan       BT/BTN
Bolivia RB 63-67 now BOL    
Bolivia BOL   67- BO/BOL
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH   93- BA/BIH
Botswana BW   2003- BW/BWA
Botswana RB 67-2002 BW/BWA
Botswana (unofficial Oval list) BST      
Bouvet Island - Antarctica       BV/BVT
Brazil BR   30- BR/BRA
British Antartica       BQ/ATB reserved
British East Africa, now split EA 32-38 now MW +...    
British Guyana, now Guyana BRG 54-72 now GUY    
British Honduras, now Belize BH 38-80 now BZ    
British India, now split BI 12-47 now IND+BD+BUR+PK+YAR    
British Indian Ocean Territory, BIOT       IO/IOT
British Somaliland, now in Somalia BS 35-66 now in SO    
British Virgin Islands BVI   ? VG/VGB
Brunei BRU   56- BN/BRN
Bulgaria BG   10- BG/BGR
Burkina Faso BF   90- BF/BFA
Burma, now Myanmar BA 37-56 now BUR   BU/BUR reserved
Burundi RU   60- BI/BDI
Cambodia K   56- KH/KHM
Cameroon RUC 72-83 now CAM    
Cameroon CAM 53-72, and then since : 84- CM/CMR
Cameroon (reported Oval, also see RPW3 p107) RFC      
Canada CA begin. 50s now CDN    
Canada CDN   56- CA/CAN
Canada (unofficial Oval list, error ?) CND      
Canton and Enderbury Islands, Central Pacific       CT/CTE
Cape Verde       CV/CPV
Cayman Islands       KY/CYM
Central African Empire (unofficial Oval list) ECA 76-79    
Central African Republic RCA   62- CF/CAF
Chad TCH   begin. 70s- TD/TCD
Chile RCH   30- CL/CHL
China (Oval never reported) PRC   ? CN/CHN
China (unofficial French & German Oval list) TJ      
China (unofficial Oval list) CHI      
Christmas Islands       CX/CXR
Cocos or Keeling Islands       CC/CCK
Colombia CO   52- CO/COL
Comoros       KM/COM
Congo Brazzaville RCB   62- CG/COG
Congo Kinshasa, now democratic Republic of Congo CGO 61-72 , 99-  
Congo Leopoldville, now democratic Republic of Congo RCL 61-70 now CGO    
Cook Islands       CK/COK
Costa Rica CR   56- CR/CRI
Cote d'Ivoire (unofficial Oval seen in France) RCI      
Cote d'Ivoire, former Ivory Coast CI   61- CI/CIV
Croatia NDH 41-45 now HR    
Croatia CRO 91 now HR    
Croatia HR   91- HR/HRV
Cuba C   30- CU/CUB
Curacao, now in Netherlands Antilles CU 36-57 now in NA    
Cyprus CY   32- CY/CYP
Czech Republic CZ   93- CZ/CZE
Czech Republic (unofficial Oval seen in Europe in 96 ) ĒR      
Czechoslovakia, now split CS 22-92 now CZ+SK   CS/CSK reserved
Danzig, now in Poland DA 22-39 now in PL    
Denmark DK   14- DK/DNK
Djibouti       DJ/DJI
Dominica WD   54- DM/DMA
Dominican Republic DOM   52- DO/DOM