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The information in italic has to be confirmed, the rest comes mainly from RPW3 or international organisations sources.

Country OVAL

Used between :

or since : ISO 2/3
Romania R 30-81 now RO    
Russia R 10-26 now RUS    
Russia (unofficial Oval seen in France, with flag) R # S      
Argentina RA   27- AR/ARG
Bolivia RB 63-67 now BOL    
Botswana RB   67- BW/BWA
Taiwan RC   32- TW/TWN
Central African Republic RCA   62- CF/CAF
Congo Brazzaville RCB   62- CG/COG
Chile RCH   30- CL/CHL
Cote d'Ivoire (unofficial Oval seen in France) RCI      
Congo Leopoldville, now democratic Republic of Congo RCL 61-70 now CGO    
Djibouti (Unofficial oval seen in Paris, 1999) RDD     DJ/DJI
Cameroon (reported Oval, also see RPW3 p107) RFC      
Guinea RG   begin. 70s- GN/GIN
Haiti RH   52- HT/HTI
Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso RHV 70s-90s now BF   HV/HVO reserved
Indonesia RI   55- ID/IDN
Mauritania RIM   64- MR/MRT
Lebanon RL   52- LB/LBN
Liberia (unofficial Oval seen in 96, USA + Liberian plate) RL      
Madagascar RM   62- MG/MDG
Romania RM 12-30 now RO    
Mali RMM   62- ML/MLI
Niger RN   end 70s- NE/NER
Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia RNR 60-66 now Z    
Nyasaland, now Malawi RNY 60-65 now MW    
Romania RO   81- RO/ROM
South Korea ROK   71- KR/KOR
Uruguay ROU   end 70s- UY/URY
Philippines RP   75- PH/PHL
Benin (reported Oval) RPB end 70s now DY    
San Marino RSM   32- SM/SMR
Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe RSR 60-79 now ZW    
Burundi RU   60- BI/BDI
Ruanda-Urundi, now split RU 59-64 now RWA-RU    
Cameroon RUC 72-83 now CAM    
Russian Federation RUS   92- RU/RUS
Rwanda (unofficial Oval list & reported) RW      
Rwanda RWA   64- RWRWA
Sweden S   11- SE/SWE
Saarland, now in Germany SA 25-35, 45-46 now in D    
Saudi Arabia SA   begin.70s- SA/SAU
Saudi Arabia (unofficial Oval seen (small black/orange)) SAT      
South Africa SAU 33-56 now ZA    
Serbia, now in Serbia Monténégro SB 11-18 now in SCG    
Serbia Montenego SCG 2003-
Vatican (unofficial Oval list) SCV      
Swaziland SD   35- SZ/SWZ
Ireland SE 24-38 now IRL    
Serbia (unofficial Oval seen in France, 90's) SER      
Finland SF 21-93 now FIN    
Singapore (unofficial Oval list) SG      
Singapore SGP   52- SG/SGP
Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, now split SHS 26-36 now SCG+HR+SLO    
Swaziland (unofficial 1926 Oval list) SID      
Sarawak, now in Malaysia SK 55-63 now in MAL    
Slovakia SK   93- SK/SVK
Syria and Lebanon, now split SL 31-52 now SYR+RL    
Slovenia SLO   91- SI/SVN
Siam, now Thailand SM 30-55 now T    
Suriname SME   36- SR/SUR
Senegal SN   62- SN/SEN
State of North Borneo, now in Malaysia SNB 38-55 now MAL    
Slovakia SO 39-45, 93 now SK    
Somalia SO   begin. 70s- SO/SOM
Somalia Protectorate, now in Somalia SP 38-60 now in SO    
Slovakia SQ 93 now SK    
Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe SR 32-60 now ZW    
Straits Settlements, now in Malaysia SS 32-52 now MAL+SGP    
Soviet Union, now split SU 26-91 now RUS+UA+BY,...   SU/SUN reserved
Sudan SUD   63- SD/SDN
South West Africa, now Namibia SWA 35-66 now NAM    
Seychelles SY   38- SC/SYC
Syria SYR   52- SY/SYR
Thailand T   55- TH/THA
Turkey (reported RPW3 p577) T now TR    
Thailand (unofficial Oval list) TAI      
French Trustee of Cameroon, now Cameroon (RPW3 p109) TC 32-52 now CAM    
Chad TCH   begin. 70s- TD/TCD
Trinidad and Tobago TD 38-64 now TT    
French Territory of Afars and Issas, now Djibouti (unofficial square sign 70's) TFAI now RDD ?    
Togo TG   62- TG/TGO
China (unofficial French & German Oval list) TJ      
Tajikistan TJ   96?- TJ/TJK
Turkmenistan TM   96?- TM/TKM
Turkmenistan TMN 93-96? Now TM    
Tunisia TN   57- TN/TUN
Trucial Oman, now Oman TO 60s now ?    
Turkey TR   35- TR/TUR
Trieste, now in Italy TS 45-54 now in I    
Togo TT 32-52 now TG    
Trinidad and Tobago TT   64- TT/TTO
Trengganu, now in Malaysia TU 35-48 now in MAL    
Tunisia (unofficial Oval list) TU      
Uruguay U 49-70s now ROU    
United Kingdom (unofficial Oval seen in France 2/98) UK     UK see GB
Ukraine UA   92- UA/UKR
Ukraine UR 91 now UA    
United States of America (1912 Encyclopedia Oval list) US      
United States of America USA   52- US/USA
Uzbekistan UZ   96?- UZ/UZB
Vatican City State V   31- VA/VAT
Gambia (unofficial Oval list, error ?) VAWAG      
Vietnam VN   53- VN/VNM
Gold Coast, now Ghana WAC 32-59 now GH    
Gambia WAG   32- GM/GMB
Sierra Leone WAL   37- SL/SLE
Nigeria WAN 37-92 now NGR    
Dominica WD   54- DM/DMA
Grenada WG   32- GD/GRD
St Lucia WL   32- LC/LCA
Western Samoa WS   62- WS/WSM
St Vincent and The Grenadines WV   32- VC/VCT
Yugoslavia Y 36-52 now SCG, HR, SLO, MK    
Yemen YAR   begin. 70s- YE/YEM
Ukraine (unofficial Oval seen in France (80s'), cyrillic ?) YK      
North Yemen, now in Yemen YMN now in YAR    
Yugoslavia YU 52-2002 now SCG, HR, SLO, MK 52-2002 YU/YUG
Venezuela YV   55- VE/VEN
Zambia Z   66- ZM/ZMB
South Africa ZA   36- ZA/ZAF
Zaire (unofficial Oval seen in France) ZAIRE      
Zimbabwe ZM end 70s now ZW    
Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo ZR 73-80 now CGO    
Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo ZRE 81-99 now CGO   ZR/ZAR
Zimbabwe ZW   end 70s- ZW/ZWE