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The information in italic has to be confirmed, the rest comes mainly from RPW3 or international organisations sources.

Country OVAL

Used between :

or since : ISO 2/3
Hungary H   10- HU/HUN
Hong Kong HK   32- HK/HKG
Jordan (Hachemite Kingdom of ..) HKJ   66- JO/JOR
Honduras (unofficial Oval list) HON     HN/HND
Croatia HR   91- HR/HRV
Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso HV 61-70s now BF    
Italy I   10- IT/ITA
International Administration Rhineland, now in Germany (RPW3 p216) IAR 38-64 now in D    
Israel IL   52- IL/ISR
Indonesia IN 49-55 now RI    
Netherlands Antilles IN 30-49 now NA    
Libya (unofficial oval seen in France, 3 arabic characters) in arabic      
India IND   47- IN/IND
Iran IR   36- IR/IRN
Ireland IRL   62- IE/IRL
Iraq IRQ   30- IQ/IRQ
Iceland IS   36- IS/ISL
Japan J   64- JP/JPN
Jamaica JA   32- JM/JAM
Johore, now in Malaysia JO 32-48 now in MAL    
Jordan JOR 55-66 now HKJ    
Cambodia K   56- KH/KHM
Katanga, now in Democratic Republic of Congo KAT 60-62 now in ZRE    
Kedah, now in Malaysia KD 32-48 now in MAL    
Kelantan, now in Malaysia KL 32-48 now in MAL    
Greenland (RPW3 p784 "Kalaalit Nunnat") KN     GL/GRL
South Korea (unofficial Oval list) KO      
Kyrgyzstan KS   96?- KG/KGZ
Kuwait (Oval also seen in the 90's, Paris) KT 50s now KWT    
Kuwait KWT   54- KW/KWT
Kazakstan KZ   96?- KZ/KAZ
Luxembourg L   11- LU/LUX
Libya (reported Oval in Europlate) LAJ      
Laos LAO   59- LA/LAO
Libya LAR   72- LY/LBY
Liberia LB   67- LR/LBR
Libya Benghazi, now in Libya (unofficial Oval list) LB now in LAR    
Libya Fezzan, now in Libya (unofficial Oval list) LF now in LAR    
Lebanon (unofficial Oval list) LIB      
Latvia LR 27-40 now LV    
Lesotho LS   67- LS/LSO
Lebanon - Syria and Alaouites, now split LSA 29-31 now RL+SYR    
Libya Tripoli, now in Libya (RPW3 p353) LT 60-71 now in LAR    
Lithuania LT 24-50 and then since : 91- LT/LTU
Latvia LV   91- LV/LVA
Malta M   66- MT/MLT
Palestine Mandate, now Israel M 30-48 now IL    
French Morocco, now in Morocco MA 23-30 now in MA    
Morocco MA   24- MA/MAR
Malaysia MAL   67- MY/MYS
Malta (unofficial Oval list) MAL      
Monaco MC   10- MC/MCO
Moldova MD   93- MD/MDA
Spanish Morocco, now in Morocco ME 35-52 now in MA    
Mexico MEX   52- MX/MEX
Mongolia (reported Oval in Europlate) MGL   96?-2003? MN/MNG
Macedonia MK   93- MK/MKD
Malawi (unofficial Oval list) ML now MW    
Moldova (RPW3 p391) MLD 92 now MD    
Montenegro, now in Serbia-Montenegro MN 13-18 now in SCG    
Mongolia (reported Oval in Europlate) MNG 2003- ? MN/MNG
Mozambique MOC 32-56, and then 75- MZ/MOZ
Mauritius MS   38- MU/MUS
Tangier, now in Morocco MT 33-56 now in MA    
Malawi MW   65- MW/MWI
Norway N   22- NO/NOR
Netherlands Antilles NA   57- AN/ANT
Namibia NAM   93- NA/NAM
Nauru NAU   68- NR/NRU
North Borneo (unofficial Oval list) NB      
Nicaragua (unofficial Oval list) NC      
Croatia NDH 41-45 now HR    
Nepal NEP   70- NP/NPL
Newfoundland, now in Canada (RPW3 p120) NF 38-49 now in CDN    
Netherlands New Guinea - West Irian, now Indonesia NGN 35-63 now RI    
Nigeria NGR   92- NG/NGA
Nicaragua NIC   52- NI/NIC
Niger NIG 61-80 now RN    
Netherlands NL   10- NL/NLD
Nyasaland, now Malawi NP 38-60 now MW    
Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia NR 38-60 now Z    
New Zealand NZ   58- NZ/NZL
Portugal, incuding Madeira, Azore P   12- PT/PRT
Panama PA   52- PA/PAN
Pakistan PAK 47-90s now PK    
Angola PAN 32-56 now ? ? AO/AGO
Peru PE   37- PE/PER
Philippines PI 52- end 70s now RP    
Pakistan PK   90s- PK/PAK
Poland PL   21- PL/POL
Papua New Guinea PNG   end 70s- PG/PNG
Persia, now Iran PR 33-56 now IR    
Puerto Rico (unofficial Oval seen in USA) PR     PR/PRI
China (Oval never reported) PRC   ? CN/CHN
Perlis, now in Malasia PS 33-48 now in MAL    
Malaysia (also PMT on unofficial Oval list : error ?) PTM 58-67 now MAL    
Paraguay PY   52- PY/PRY
Qatar Q   72- QA/QAT
Qatar (unofficial Oval list) QA