Index                 Museums related to license plates

Argentina : Museo de las Patentes Argentinas, Prov. de Neuquen, by Daniel Rubinger. Wonderful website

Belgium : Louis Fierens owns a private museum in Wijnegem, east of Anvers / Antwerpen

France : 1 room of the Automobile Museum Henri Malartre in Rochetaillée sur Saône, north of Lyon

Germany : Sven Rost has created the Großolbersdorf museum, south of Chemnitz : Internationales Nummmernschildmuseum

Latvia : Riga Motor Museum

Spain / Catalonia : Bernt Larsson, Vincens Figueras and Jordi Velo created this wonderful small museum in Barcelona, dedicated to Spain, Andorra, Portugal,  Argentina as well as  North Africa

Sweden : Bernt Larsson et Stephan Feuk have created a plate section in the Motala Motor Museum, 250 km south of Stockholm

Switzerland : Automobile Museum of Geneva, located in Palexpo, near the airport 

USA : Small museums associated to DMV or specific States : New Hampshire
          Many large private collections ... 
          The museum organized by Jeff Francis in Butte, Montana 
          In Chicago, Lee Hartung's Automotive Museum, 3623 W Lake St., Glenview, IL 60025. (Tel: 847-724-4354)