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Excellent websites for World plates  from : Plates Portal  PP
: The famous website by Michael Kustermann : the Dutch Numberplates Archives by Herman Hallo : The ALPCA Association  (Archives for members only)
RPW Online :
  Europlate Archives  by Neil Parker, Newsletters 
o :Photos by Olav Arne Brekke (Norway) : Photos by Jeroen Coninx(Belgium)
 made of a selection of Flickr pictures : €uroplates by Sander Elie (Netherlands) : Plates seen by Indrek Raidlo (Estonia)   + : a spotter site by Victor Sastre (Spain)

Other prefered sites : : a spotter site by Raphael, from France by Carlos, from Spain : An excellent set of Fake / Sample plates too often sold on ebay : an Australian website to trade, discuss, with a Francoplaque section in french, thanks to Maurice : The Ed English site, a popular American site : The great Michele Berionne site about plates in Rome (Italy) : The extraordinary historical website about Saarland before 1956, by Rainer Freyer ) : The Stephen Cioffi site about French, German and other world plates : The Australian site of Dion Rinaldi, a good reference on plates of this country
ex : The Billy Moore site, about US and Swiss plates : The Back Bumper site, by Jon Upton  : The site of Ulrik de Neve 

( ex : The Jean-Marc Collin site dedicated to Washington DC plates : The Hans Stedehouder site and his worldwide interesting collection : The site of Andy, a friend of us who selles US plates and speaks an excellent french and spanish too

For those who speak French .... : : by Jean-François Zuraw : more details and photos about french numbers, SIV,  about 1901/1928  and 1928/1950 french registrations
and about french official documents. : The french spotter's forum, replacing the SFPI, with many recent pictures : The excellent website of Pascal Laisey about the US plates : The Belgian "DMV" : the nice License Plate Belgium website in which you can submit your pictures : Ontario (You may switch to English, of course)
ex : Quebec, by Alain Pépin : French numbers by Jean-Marie Amitrano (inactive link) : Patrice Estève site on real NASCAR plates : Hadrien Bourgué site, by a young Francoplaque member and spotter : Joel Marssy is specialized in Bas-Rhin french plates

A few sites about other countries : : The Daniel Hedigers site about US plates
:  Czech Republic
, history, by the Czech Registration Plates Friend Club  
ex ): Information about European countries by Dick de Winter : The American environmental plates of Ralph Öckinghaus, interesting links : The Vincenç Figueras site on Spain and Andorra : The adventures of Joe Sallmen in Japan : Germany, by Olaf Walther
: Germany, by Wikipedia
: anothern complete guide in german or by Silvan : : Argentina Plate Museum, by Daniel Rubinger : Germany, by Claudius Schmidt
ex : German, Austrian and Swiss codes : Australia, by Charles Lombardo (inactive link ?) : Canada by John Sallmen : Finland : Irish Counties codes
ex : Joe Sallmen in Japan : The Netherlands, by Erik T : The Netherlands, .. by Lijnis Nelemans : Poland by Boguslaw Bossowski, in polish or in english : Slovenia, by Simon Nemanic : New York, by Yvan Odeurs : United Nations, Germany plates by Ralf Hegewald : An excellent site about Spain plate numbers by David Urios Mondéjar : Excellent site with many photos by Jeroen Coninx as well as by Peter Morger on Switzerland : Plates seen in the Netherlands and other countries by Sander Elie : Plates seen in Estonia by Indrek Raidlo 

Even Plates Manufacturer are on the Web :  and : French manufacturers on the Web : Fabricauto and FAAB, subsidiary of 3M (former Europe Production brand) : MVLS shows some of his prototypes : German manufacturer, interesting site for his machines and ... his truck ! : Spanish manufacturer : German manufacturer

Our preferred North American DMV's ("Department of Motor Vehicle") : : Josh Friedmann provides the address of the American DMV's (you may order Samples from most of states) : California : Florida : Illinois : University plates of Oklahoma : Texas : West Virginia

The best sites to buy, sell or trade on-line :

See the Facebook Groups that most collectors prefer to eBay since a couple of years : Ebay auctions, of course...
but if you plan to buy international plates,...
visit before : for Fake / Sample plates : an Australian website to trade, discuss, etc...