Call for a Digital Project: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (country, type, dating)                              

The purpose of the project is from a photo of unidentified license plate to get the most clues to identify it.

If you are passionate about IT, Francoplaque can provide you with the data sources in this exciting and challenging subject. The result of this achievement will be accessible from this web page.

User Interface: Must be intuitive and accessible from an Internet browser. 
For example, Google Image Search finds comparable images to the one you drag on the search bar. PhotoShop Element gives, from a picture, results by similarity of color and form.

                                  PhotoShop Element

The characteristics that distinguish the origin of a plate can also be: 
- The width / height ratio, with values ​​defined for the majority of European plates, all American plates since the 50s, etc ... 
- The presence of specific logos, emblems, ....
- The use of a particular alphabet 
- The sequence of numbers and letters, knowing that many automated reading (photo, video) have been developed 
- The presence of separators (dashes, dots, ...) 
- Metadata from photos taken with a digital camera, for dating information.

The original images of Francoplaque are available with a size often exceeding 400 pixels 
For each country, 75,000 photos Francoplaque are classified into 11 000 types, each being associated with a gif or png file, with 1 to 4 representative plates, all on the same background color
For each country, the photos of plates which are no longer in use are in _HISTOR directory. Photos of vehicles in their environment alq=ways are in a _LARGE directory.

Plates Portal has about 6000 links to 9 other websites pointing to 300 countries / regions.
Europlate provides all the necessary historical data, but with images of smaller size.

If you are interested in this project, please mail to