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These EIJ plates have been used on Peugeot 104, 306, 406 for tests through Egypt, Israel and Jordan (EIJ). The small square is often a characteristic of cars registrered by this manufacturerer 

Other plates have been used for tests in different countries, such as or 624 JOR 75 for Peugeot Coupé 406 in Jordan, 423 HDI 75 for direct injection 406 in Egypt, 710 EGY 75 for Peugeot Partner in Egypt and PT 75 for Peugeot Parnet-Dangel in Mauritania.

Peugeot also add specific symbols such as a dot, a square, a circle or a triangle for cars only used inside manufacturing plants; and also on regular registration, such as this garage plate, for cars tested in automobile magazines :



Plates manufactured in the Renault factories always end with 92 (Hauts de Seine département code), and there is a large space between the 4 digits and the 2 letters. In this space, can be located a small rectangle or even two rectangle, a small one in a larger one. On some other plates manufactured by Renault, the diamond shaped logo may follow the letters.
In automobile magazines, Renault showed new models with registrations like 19xx RN92, before this serie be used as a normal passenger serie. On this picture, the small triangle means the car was authorized to access a Renault plant, located south of Paris.


Page written by Jean-Emmanuel Chevry, with data and photos from Jean Schuliar, Yves Laussucq and Jean-François Zuraw.