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These registrations have a farm code (4 or 5 digits, sometimes with a leading 0) followed with the Département number (2 digits). Most of the time, they are black painted on a white or light backgroud. Several vehicules in the farm may have the same registration, as this number is the farm registration. 

Plates are supposed to be on two lines, similar to these pictures, with an additionnal hyphen before the département code, but many things may be seen :

- no plates at all,
- number painted directly on the vehicle, sometimes unreadable
- square plates black painted on a yellow or orange background
- different shapes
- embossed plates on a yellow background,
- one line plate, on reflective white.

With this kind of registration, farmers :

- pay no tax on diesel
- pay a limited insurance for the farm, not for each vehicle
- do not pay tax on passenger vehicles.



Article written by Thierry Baudin and Jean-François Zuraw