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As our association Francoplaque is a non profit organization, the purpose of this site is not to make money. Since years, we proposed DVD-Roms for sale, in order to maintain a free subscription for our members, and to finance expenses, such as mailings, administration work, exhibitions or shipping cost.

Since 2004 we are publishing the Europlate newsletters pictures for free.As Francoplaque celebrates its 15th anniversary, we just decided to provide for free the original Francoplaue files, thanks to the cloud computing (MS OneDrive) and the previous contributions ! Of course, if you still want to thanks our association for this tremendous work, feel free to make a donation through PayPal to the account

To access these original pictures, country by country, use the Plates Portal links (for instance PP  for Laos), and click on the llink Francoplaque / Europlate original files. In this folder, you'll often find a _EUROPLATE sub-folder with recent files that has not been sorted by type. You may sort these folder by Name or select the one to download. Once an image is displayed, you may launch a slideshow.

Exceptions :