AKS Convention 2018




License plate meet of collectors of AKS, ALPCA, de Nummerplaat, Europlate, NPCC, Francoplaque and all other clubs will be Saturday May 5. 2018. All plate collectors are welcome. In 2017 we had around 90 collectors from at least 9 different countries. There will be also 3 awords for the best single plate, the best display and a long discance award. So bring your plates and displays.

Early Bird Dinner on Thursday 03.5.2018 at http://www.zum-grenadier.de/ at 7 pm, please let us know, that you come, so we can make reservations.

Besides the pure trading on Saturday in the Gasthof zur Silberstraße, Am Rathaus 1 in Grossolbersdorf, there are also more activities on Friday at the museum. On Friday night we all meet for dinner in town at the Wurzelbachschänke http://www.nummernschildmuseum.de/wurzelbachschaenk-die-beliebte-gaststaette-in-grossolbersdorf/ and have some fun with german beer and goog food, if you like. ;-) The Wurzelbachschänke in Grossolbersdorf is a nice restaurant, that you are going to like. On Saturday we will meet in the evening again. The restaurant on Saturday will be Gasthof zur Silberstraße.

Cheap and good hotels and food are avalible near the museum.
We recoment the Hotel Gasthof zur Heinzebank http://www.hotel-gasthofzurheinzebank.de/. If you book direct with them please tell that you come for the plate meet and you will receive a discount on the roomprice.

If you need help, let us know and we will assist you with your overnight booking and traveling plans.

The village (Grossolbersdorf) where the meet will take place is about 20 km away from Chemnitz (or 100 km from Dresden or 110 km from Leipzig) in the east part of Germany 20 km away to border of the the Czech Republik.

To fly to Germany you can use several airports in Germany and in the neighbour countries. From the airport you can rent a car or use the well developed railway or bus system to get to the meet.

Nearest airports and distance to the meet:

Dresden Airport - 100 km
Praque Airport (Czech Republic) - 110 km
Leipzig Airport - 170 km
Nürnberg Airport - 265 km
Berlin Schönefeld Airport - 270 km
Munich Airport - 400 km
Frankfurt Airport - 430 km
Vienna Airport (Austria) 535 km
Hamburg Airport - 570 km
Düsseldorf Airport - 580 km
Warsaw Airport (Poland) 711 km


Sven Rost